If I could have a designer come in and do one room in my home, I would pick my basement.  I love that we have a finished basement and that it’s a place where the boys can hang out.  I just don’t like how it looks.  I tried for probably the dozenth time today to redo it.  It really needed redoing as it was becoming the catch-all for homeless boxes.

This is what it now looks like on one half of the room:



As you can probably tell, the lighting down there isn’t too great.  The large T.V., T.V. stand and the blanket on the floor were all free from other homes.  The tan sofa and loveseat are still in good shape but don’t look so great against the yellowish walls.  All of these items need to stay as I don’t have it in my budget to update anything.  I would like to fix up the walls and paint them some other colour, but I can’t decide which colour.  Any suggestions?

Also, I don’t know what to do with the part of the wall that is panelled.


It’s dead center in the room.  I think that there used to be a fireplace there.  I have tried grouping the furniture around it but the room is really long and narrow and it’s hard to put the couches so that they don’t block the opening.  It also wastes a lot of space setting up the room like that and the cords for the T.V. don’t quite make it to the outlets.  Should I paint that spot the same colour as the walls to try to get it to blend in?

Here’s the before picture of the other half of the room:


My peacock lamp looks like an alien eye-balling all those poor homeless articles.  Here’s what it looks like now:


I did some editting in P’s room and managed to commandeer two book shelves.  They are now stacked with games and coloured paper.  The table used to be smaller and in the guest bedroom.  I added its extensions and put it out in this room hoping that it will be a great place to play games.  (I hate using my dining room table because sometimes games need to sit out and wait to be continued and I don’t like the look of that.  Down in the basement, that’s O.K. though.)  There are two more chairs that go with this table but for now they are being used as end tables in the master bedroom.  More on that room when we actually get furniture for it.

So any ideas to pass on to me for this room?  The carpet is beige and the sofas are mushroom (I think).  I’d like to go dark and sultry but with the low light would that be a mistake?  What if I got more lamps?  Would something dark work then?  I’m afraid if I go light biege or off-white the room will just be SOOOO bland.