A little basic cleaning, a dose of sandpaper, a moderate quantity of good quality paint and a pinch of attention to detail and this


became this:


The before photo looks deceptively nice but in reality the little dresser had some deep stains and a few scratches that needed some attention.  At first I was going to give it a few coats of black and then a few coats of white paint and try to distress it.  The other vanity is white as are the trim and the door in the room.  As soon as I got the black on though I knew that there was no going to white.  The black picks up on the black towels I have in the room.


It also highlights the chunky black frames I have all over the walls.


It even draws attention to the theme word for the ensuite bath.


Once the cabinet changed colours I felt the hardware needed to be darkened too.  The handles looked too green against the black so I used a little brush and added some black paint to them.


The handles look like they go with the piece now.


Now to gather all the paraphenelia in those drawers and on that counter and decide a proper home for everything.  The top of the dresser is also looking decidedly bare.  I’ll have to start scouting for some appropriate embellishment. Stay tuned!