Before getting married, DA and I had been single for a long time.  We had lots of time to accumulate habits and stuff.  Now that we’re wed, we’re trying to meld our lives into one.  Sometimes the stuff is a bit problematic.  Take the ensuite bathroom for example.  This is an unedited photo of what it looks like all the time:


All of that stuff on the counter is mine.  That’s because this is all the storage space this bath offers:


A thing of toilet paper pretty much takes up the cupboard part of the vanity and the drawers are full of hair dryers, curling irons and other bath paraphenelia.  There really isn’t room for DA’s stuff.  He finds that a bit of a problem.

I think I came up with a solution today.  This is a view of the wall while sitting on the john:


Lots of space with nothing filling it.  I went to the local flea market hoping to find some sort of smallish dresser that could double as extra storage and something nice to look at while seated on the throne.  Here’s the $15 beauty I found:


It had these markings on it that made me feel like I wasn’t getting too bad a deal:


I kind of liked it’s hardware


and its legs.


All it needs is a good clean up and a paint job to make it match the rest of the bathroom. To be continued…