I like to go for a walk every day if I can.  It just seems to do wonders for my restless leg syndrome.  Yesterday, I decided to drive out to the farthest place I had walked so far and start my daily exercise there.  I had done a pretty good walk when – oh happy day – I happened across a path in the woods I never knew was there.  It was too late in the day to explore it but I was determined to come back the first chance I had to enjoy what it had to show me.  DA decided to go fishing with his brother today (his day off) and so I decided to high-tail it out to that trail for some bliss.  One of my favourite things in the world is to walk through the woods all by myself soaking in the beauty around me and drinking deeply of the delicious quiet that prevails in the forest.

I didn’t quite go alone.  I took my trusty digital camera with me hoping to capture some of that bliss in images.

I saw odd an odd tree.

I saw towering trees.

I saw trees lining a leaf encrusted, foggy trail.

I saw a tree bent over that looked like a welcome arch to another world.

I even saw leaves that were gold.  Not yellow or brown but seriously gold.  They looked like they had been dipped in gold glitter.  I felt like I had stumbled upon Lothlorien.  It was all so dreamy and romantic, just the sort of thing I was longing for to recharge my batteries.

Then the romance came to an end.  I rounded a part of the trail and there before me was a man wearing a neon orange vest and carrying a gun.  He told me that he and his three buddies were hunting in these woods for the next five days and advised me to leave.  He asked me what I was doing there anyways and when I tried to explain to him that I was just enjoying a walk in the woods he gave me a look that said he had no idea what I was talking about.  I turned around thinking of Bambi’s mother’s sad words, “Man has entered the forest.”

Not to be outdone, I headed off to a trail the boys and I have done several times.  It was more predictable, more noisy and not nearly as romantic but it was a trail in the forest and it did afford me a few beautiful pictures.