I had an idea for my last light bulb but it meant gutting her first.  There are all kinds of web sites out there to tell you how to do this.  I looked at a few of them and then did things my own way.  Turns out getting the insides of a light bulb out is pretty easy stuff.  Here’s the bulb I started with:

I wanted it empty so that I could put one of those miniature ships inside of it.  JUST KIDDING!  My boys were never into ships.  They were into dragons and I had the perfect one for my light bulb project.  Take a look:

O.K. The trick photography isn’t that great but it sort of looks like that little red dragon is floating in my gutted bulb, doesn’t it?

What I really wanted to put in my bulb was wadded up pink napkins left over from my wedding.  Who needs PINK napkins when you’re constantly surrounded my testosterone?  For that matter, who needs napkins when you’re constantly surrounded by testosterone?  That’s what sleeves are for, right?

Ickster!  I thought that I wanted to put wadded up pink napkins in my bulb but once they were in there I realized this was not the look I was hoping for.  Note:  It’s much easier to get the napkins in than to pull them out.  Think before you put stuff in gutted light bulbs so that you won’t have to do the painful extraction I did.

After the failed attempt with the pink napkins, I looked around for something else I could use.  Anything else.  If I had old spices lingering in my cupboards, I probably would have tried pouring them into my bulb.  Sort of like sand art but with something useless like really old spices.  Alas!  The spice cupboard was one of those extra jobs I did not too long ago on kitchen day.  I thought of trying old potpourri (how on earth do you spell that word!) but the stuff I found was too big to fit through the opening of the bulb.  Bummer.  I finally settled on tulle from my wedding arch.  I just snipped a small part off and wrapped my bulb in it.  It’s tied up with simple pink ribbon and I glued on the only four small pink flowers I had in my arsenal of fake foliage.  Voila!  My bulb looks like a ballerina.

It’s so delicately pretty that I just had to try photographing it in some pretty places.

Like with pears.

And on my open Bible.

Even in the boys’ bathroom (which looks prettier in this picture than it does in real life).

I don’t know what to think of my creation.  Maybe it would look stupid in a tree.  Maybe it could be paired with white doves and pink floral swags.  For now, I think I’ll just leave it by the computer and marvel that I successfully performed surgery on a light bulb, removing its innards while preserving its outer.