I like to be very methodical when it comes to housework.  For each day of the week, I have assigned rooms to be cleaned.  This way, I know that every part of my home gets a pretty decent cleaning at least once a week.  In between, I just do touch-ups.  I also try to do something extra in one of the rooms du jour.  It may be cleaning out a closet or a drawer.  It may be washing the windows inside and out.  It may be rearranging the knick knacks.  Just something extra to say that I was where I was supposed to be on any given day.

Yesterday’s rooms were the dining room, hallway, living room and front entrance.  These are easy rooms to clean because they are quite well maintained on a daily basis.  I decided the something extra would be to tinker with my mantle decorations and the stuff on the sofa table.  This is what I came up with:

Those photos don’t really show too much but I like how the lighting last night just seemed to highlight the area I was tinkering with.

These are day-time photos.  Not nearly as exciting light-wise but you can see my Goodwill finds regrouped more clearly.  I put floral foam in the bottom of the urns and then poked in some brown fronds, feathers and rocks.  I found those fronds about a year ago at the Goodwill and have been trying to use them ever since.  They just don’t seem to work for me.  I’m not sure I like them on my mantle either.  Maybe it’s the feathers that I borrowed from Mr. Easter Island Man’s head dress that are bugging me.  Originally, I had in mind more of a topiary idea but just didn’t have the stuff needed to bring that idea to life.

I have a peculiar attraction to beat up silver trays so I put two behind the urns to sort of highlight them.  That may have been a designer faux pas too but those trays pick up on other stuff in the room.  My new birdbath is concocted out of one of them plus a silver candlestick.

This is the sofa table’s only adornment so far.  I just can’t seem to find anything in my home tall enough to show above the sofa.  I’m tired of propping up tiny things on boxes (even pretty ones) for that area.  I think I’ll start scouting for something just right for that spot.  For now, my chickadee will have to be lonely.

O.K.  I’m not a mantle guru either but I’ll keep trying.  Maybe the difference between a guru and a tinkerer is the number of attempts made.  Maybe the next time I tinker I’ll cross a threshold and my design will ooze brilliance.  Well…it will have to wait.  It’s Wednesday now and the bathrooms are beckoning.