If you have a few hundred glittery gems left over from your wedding, a good supply of hot glue gun sticks and find yourself waiting around to drive your son to a birthday party, this next project might be for you.  I made my fourth light bulb all glittery.  I thought that this one would take a long time but I guess I got pretty good at the “glue and stick” part because it really only took me fifteen minutes from start to finish.  Then I had some fun trying to photograph my latest masterpiece.

Here it is looking very classy on a pedestal set against a black background:

I tried hanging it outside on the candlelabra that’s sitting outside for now.

It also sat on my light up table for a bit looking really sparkly.

It even morphed into a crystal skull for Mr. Easter Island Man.

It’s final resting place (for now) is my hutch of pretty things.

This was really easy to make and turned out kind of glamorous looking.  I think a whole bunch of these would look nice in a tree with lots of silver in it.  I’d also be tempted to pair ornaments like this with really trendy turquoise ones.