Do you know what these are?

If you said five dusty burnt out light bulbs from two of my bathrooms, you are only partly correct.  These are also fuel for my imagination.  They just seemed too nice to throw out.  When I turned one around in my hand, it made me think of Christmas decorations.

Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who’s noticed the resemblance of a round bulb to a Christmas ornament.  I googled “uses for old light bulbs” and found that one woman has started her own business hand painting original Christmas decorations using all kinds of burnt out light bulbs.  There were a lot of other uses for them as well.  One person made a sea monkey condo out of a light bulb.  A mother/son team used a few of them to making hanging flower vases.  One very imaginative chap emptied one out, filled the cavity with cement, added a screw to attach it to the wall and now has an uber modern jacket hanger.  There were still other people who covered their bulbs with paper mache to make penguins, Santas, reindeer and even a grinch.  One woman used hers to shape polymer clay into a pumpkin head.  Another dolled hers up with lace, ribbon and a bead head to make a Christmas angel.  Someone else wrapped a doily around one and topped it with flowers for a sort of Victorian looking creation.  Such clever people!

Seeing as “being green” is so in now, I thought that I would try making some home-made “trash to treasure” ornaments just for the fun of it.  I started by propping one of my light bulbs to stay upright.  This was as simple as taking a box that I already had, cutting an “x” in it and popping the light bulb in.

I then tried spray painting it with gold spray paint the previous owners had left behind.  Such nice people to leave me stuff for projects like these!

I had a lot of trouble with this.  The spray paint doesn’t want to stick to the glass.  It just sort of runs down.  Hmmm…as usual I am trying things without researching first.  There must be some sort of primer spray paint that I can use to get greater adhesion.  Either that or I could cover the bulb in glue and roll it around in gold glitter.  Unfortunately, the previous owners didn’t leave any gold glitter for me to play with.

Anyways, the sky’s the limit for a project like this.  If you truly want to be green, you can just look around your home for what you do have to work with and not invest in anything that hasn’t been used before.  I’ve spent $0 so far and I’ve almost got something that can be strung up.  Think I’ll try a few more coats of spray paint.