It wasn’t too long ago that my living room had this seasonal feature in it:

Well it doesn’t anymore.  If you look at the bottom left hand corner of that photo you’ll see a heat vent.  It’s been a wee bit nippy in the mornings around here so I’ve put the heat on.  Well, all that warmth on the back of that tall pumpkin didn’t do it any favours.  It went to mush and peed all over my floor.  I’ve done my time cleaning pee off of floors so Mr. Tall Pumpkin and his two side-kicks had to go.  No more warm, cosy living room relaxation for those three.  They’ve been banished to the front steps.

Notice that they’ve been stripped of their bling too.  It’s now gracing what was once a naked grapevine wreath.

And my mushy pumpkin is still peeing.

So nice of me to put it on the concrete where everyone can see its shame, eh?