Ever have beauty break through and felt that you totally didn’t deserve it?  I did this morning.  I’ve been volunteering for the last year at Connexus Community Church in an environment called Waumba Land especially designed for three to five year olds.  My part is to come in and do the story and lately I’ve been taking on the memory verse and song parts of the curriculum as well.  I’ve been off duty for a few weeks with all the prep for the wedding and all the getting used to married life again.  I was on this morning and should have been more ready than I was.  I had read through the story once and gathered some props but I didn’t even know the memory verse and had no music at all for the songs.  To make matters worse, I slept in this morning so I did the Sunday Morning Shuffle faster than I’ve ever done it before.  Thankfully, D and P are used to being pushed to go faster and cooperated very well with my panicky prep.  DA, who works on Sundays, felt bad having totally misunderstood what time I had to leave at to get to Waumba Land on time.  The long and the short of it is that we got there on time but my brain was really not fully awake or keeping pace with my running limbs.

The story part in Waumba Land went amazingly well.  To God be the glory for that.  It’s not always easy to keep 10-20 three to five year olds on board storytelling.  The singing went pretty good too.  To my delight I wasn’t singing an accapella solo to these children.  They piped in and followed the actions to my less than rehearsed performance.

When it came to the memory verse, I had to sheepishly admit to the kids that I didn’t know it!  They’ve been working on the same verse all month so I asked them if THEY would teach it to ME!  There were a lot of big smiles as the kids and I traded places.  They stood up where I normally stand and I sat down where they normally sit.  Then one precious little four year old bravely recited LAST month’s verse with the actions I had taught them to help them remember it.  I was floored.  You wonder if these little ones really get anything you’re trying to communicate to them, especially on those days you feel you’re ad libbing a lot.  That little blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty made my day with her cute recitation.  I didn’t deserve a moment like this morning but beauty showed up anyways.