I went to Zellers today.  I was looking for the water dispensers they had advertised on sale in their flyer.  DA and I want to purchase one and this one looked like it would be just right for our home.  I found the water dispensers but to my dismay all Zellers had left were the white ones.  I had my heart set on a black one.  I guess a lot of other people did too.  I scouted around hoping to find one misplaced somewhere in the store but instead stumbled upon mirrors that were 55% off.  One in particular stood out.  Somehow it leaped into my cart and stayed there keeping my Habitant Soup company.  O. K.  I put it in the cart thinking that it might jazz up my front entrance which wasn’t looking too hot.  I had tried a number of different ideas there but really wasn’t being very successful.  I’m certainly not a foyer guru.

Well, this is what it looks like now.

I leaned the mirror up against the scarred wall and put a few acroutements in front of it in an attempt to make it look nice and use these acroutements which I kind of like.  The frame was a wedding gift.  It has a very nice looking family in it.  One day it will have my family in it I hope.  The three candles were housewarming gifts from some Ottawa friends and the vase was just one of those serendipitous finds.  I tried to artistically hang the fall wreath in front of the mirror using the one hole you could still see in that scarred wall.  I think I took about twenty pictures to get this so-so one.  I kept getting the wrong things reflecting in the mirror.

Oh yeah.  The mirror and everything else is sitting on top of my latest road-side reject.

I really don’t know what this is but when I saw it all I could think of is how many shoes I could put in it.  The front entance is always littered with footware.  Amazingly, I’ve already got the guys trained to park their shoes in this shoe garage.  It’s pretty battered but I think a little paint might help it along…