The love of my life snores.  Loudly.  Inconsistently.  It’s the sort of thing that wakes me.  I’m not complaining about that.  His mother assures me that he snored from day one of his life.  God somehow fitted him with a throat perfectly suited for snoring, gave him years to perfect the art and then joined him to me.  There is a passage in the Bible about overwhelmingly conquering and I believe sleeplessness is listed along with many other difficulties in that passage.

I’ve decided to put my extended hours of wakefulness to good use.  I pray.  I’m not praying that my husband would be cured of snoring or even that I would be able to sleep despite it.  I’m sure I’m not praying very eloquently or very well but I’m choosing to pray as best my sleepy brain can about big stuff.  Salvation in my household.  Salvation in my church, city and country.  Miracles like the early church saw in the book of Acts.  Boldness to speak the Word of God.  Big requests for a big God.

This morning my foggy brain had deep thoughts during those moments when in years past I was sleeping and blissfully unaware.  I like deep thoughts.  I can’t control when they happen but they always excite me when they do.  My deep thoughts this morning centered around my kitchen utensil drawer.  You see, I have this drawer in my kitchen chock full of all kinds of useful kitchen gadgets.  An apple corer.  A carrot grater.  Several slotted spoons.  A wine bottle opener.  Doodads of all kinds just waiting for me to use them.

The utensil I pull out the most is my spatula.  I now have several of them but I tend to pull out one that is my favourite.  Spatulas are great for stirfrys, flipping burgers, flipping eggs, flipping grill cheese sandwiches.  I flip a lot and spatulas are perfectly suited for that function.

There are other utensils that I pull out infrequently.  The beaters for my mixer come to mind.  I just made a yummy cake for DA’s birthday and those beaters did a job that my spatula could never do.  I don’t make cakes every day so my beaters lay in the kitchen utensil drawer more than they come out of it.

Then there are those utensils I seldom use.  Like my potato masher.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  I don’t make mashed potatoes too often but when I do I haul out that masher and it comes in handy.  There are other tools that I could use for the job but I like the old masher so it stays tucked away in that drawer until I want mashed potatoes.

This got me thinking that maybe we are all utensils in God’s kitchen drawer.  He wants to nourish the world and has use for us.  Some people are like my spatula.  It seems that they are always getting used.  Others are like my beaters.  They do get used but it seems like there is a lot of interrim time between God picking them up and making something of them.  Still others are like my potato masher.  They are good at one thing and God only uses them for that when He sees fit.

The most important thing about a utensil is that it is ready to use when the cook needs it.  I keep my utensils clean and sharp and in good working order so that when I need them I can just grab them and go for it.  I think that God intends the same for his human utensils.  Ours is not to question why God gives some people more opportunities than others or to lament that we’re a potato masher instead of a spatula.  Ours is to be ready for when He needs us.

Of course, kitchen utensils are inanimate and can do nothing but lie in a drawer until someone picks them up.  The analogy breaks down for people.  God puts us in His drawer cleaned up and makes us ready but how we spend the time in the drawer can make us dirty and dull over time.  The way to stay clean is to keep being washed in the blood of the Lamb.  It’s an active thing.  I must respond to the Holy Spirit and confess.  God is faithful and will forgive.  I must choose to forsake my sin.  God is faithful and will help me to do that.  I must remain sharp by spending time with the Lord in prayer and the Word.  He does the sharpening.  I choose to position myself so that He can make me usable.  The time in the drawer isn’t wasted time.  That waiting period, whether it be long or short, is time to be ready for when He needs us, as peculiar as we are, for what He is cooking up.

I’m thinking these things because sometimes it seems like I’m doing a whole lot of time in the drawer and wondering if God will ever need me for anything ever again.  I now see that I’m not to focus on that.  That’s for God to decide.  I’m just to be ready and available for the recipe He has in mind.