I love to be creative.  I enjoy taking bits and pieces that others would view as trash and making something out of them.  The less I spend on a project the better.  Being very thrifty pleases me.  I guess I’m happy when I feel I’ve made some space better without breaking the bank.

I enjoyed putting together a frugal bride’s wedding.  One of the ideas that I came up with that I was very excited about was to have guests sign his and hers aprons instead of the more traditional guest book.  I had a guest book at my first wedding and it sat in a drawer taking up space until my spouse passed away.  It now sits in a memory box taking up space.  I know that some people haul these books out at significant anniversaries, take a good hard look at who was present at their ceremony and then let guests sign a new page for the anniversary celebration.  I never made it to one of those significant dates with my former spouse so my book never had a chance to be reopened.  I thought the aprons would be a better idea for DA and I.  We love to cook together so I knew that they would get used often and I liked the idea of being able to read our friends’ and family’s best wishes throughout the year.

There were some little mishaps on the way back to our home.  The aprons were in the back of my parent’s truck.  So was the leftover beef and gravy from the meal we had shared.  Things got jostled and some of the gravy ended up on the aprons.  My mom did the best she could to wash it out but was appalled to see that some of the marker had faded.  I was too.  I had specifically bought fabric markers to prevent that sort  of thing.

I then made a big mistake.  I decided to wash the aprons.  In they went with a bunch of other stuff and without even thinking they ended up in the dryer.  They came out looking differently than they had when they went in.  The words were unreadable and the aprons themselves were about four sizes smaller than when I had purchased them.  Thankfully, I’ve made enough mistakes in my life, that I was able to laugh at these faded, shrunken pieces of cloth.

I humbly confessed my error to my darling hubby who graciously forgave me and gave me permission to buy new aprons.  (Actually, he rolled his eyes when I asked him and said, “Of course you can.  You don’t have to ask me!”).  Yesterday, I was out and did pick up some new ones.  I like them even better than the old ones.  I couldn’t help embellishing DA’s just a little.

I don’t know if he’s seen this latest project yet.  (He got home from work in the wee hours of the morning yesterday.)  This time I used a plain, old permanent ink Sharpie to write with and checked that the aprons were washable in a machine.  Let’s hope that I won’t be writing an “Oops!  I did it again” post anytime soon.