DA and I decided last week to try and host our first Thanksgiving dinner.  We invited his parents, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend and they all said “yes” to our invitation.  The two of us cooked up a storm yesterday and while things were simmering or roasting or awaiting to go in some pot or other, I had some fun getting the table dressed up for the occasion.

I started by adding the extra leaf to it so people would have ample elbow room and covered it with the gold flecked lacy tablecloth I found this summer at a garage sale.  That was topped by the gold colour chargers I purchased from a reduced bin at the grocery store after Christmas.  I put a 25 cent napkin lined cornucopia in the center to house the fresh bread we received from DA’s parents.  I used my everyday plates and cutlery but they looked all glammed up with the other embellishments on the table.  DA’s grandma’s crystal wines glasses shone and I finally used the eggplant napkin holders I had found at one of those 50% off sales at the Goodwill.

I used navy napkins because…well…I happen to have eight navy napkins.  They played nicely off the gold but didn’t really go with anything else in the room.  I’ll have to scout for some pretty black ones in the future as they will go with the room and can be made to look stunning in so many ways.

In another lull in the cooking process, I decided to make some name tags for arranged seating.

These were simple cut out rectangles of cardstock with ordinary name tag stickers stuck to them.  I found the gold ladybug stickers in a 25 cent bin at No Frills and was delighted to finally be able to use them.  I wanted to use the computer to make the writing look really nice but my printer just wasn’t responding to my requests.  I think the handwritten names added a personal touch even if my handwriting abilities aren’t what I would like them to be.  The whole tag was attached to the napkin ring using some leftover ribbon from some gift given to me a while ago.  I like to save that sort of stuff for projects like this one.

What should follow right about now is photos of our happy guests enjoying the setting and the mounds of food DA and I prepared.  Alas!  Once our guests arrived, we got so busy serving and entertaining that I completely forgot about snapping some picutres.  You’ll just have to trust me that the dinner was a success.  I know that you’ll believe me when I say that I was entirely thankful for an opportunity to snaz up my table.  This isn’t work for me; it’s fun!