I accidently got locked out of my house last week.  It wouldn’t have been so bad except that I came home from picking up groceries really needing a bathroom.  I skipped over to my neighbour’s house and requested permission to use her loo.  She chuckled, welcomed me in, entertained me for a while and when I left presented me with a wreath she had no place for.

I should have taken a before pic of this wreath.  It was a simple, sunburst type spray painted gold, covered with gold glitter and topped with a homemade red bow.  I saw potential in that little circlet and yesterday night I got out all that I could find that might pass as Fall embellishments and added to it.  DA, who was researching stuff on the computer, laughed at me as I spread out my doodads on the kitchen floor.  “Uuhh…we do have a table…”, he kindly suggested.  I assured him that I did my best work on the kitchen floor.

Well, this is what I came up with using just what I had on hand:

It’s sitting on a little shelf for now until I figure out how to hang it using the holes that are already there in the wall.  The red berries and the little cardinals came from DA’s grandma.  The rest was stuff I aquired at garage sales and Walmart years ago and repurpose every year.

It doesn’t look professional but it is a cheery Autumn hello when you first enter our house.