I had a lot of fun going to the pumpkin patch with my boys yesterday.  We started out going through a haunted barn which actually turned out to be a bit spooky.  We rounded a corner in the barn and everything was pitch black.  D and P then bravely pushed me forward to forge the way.  Turning around proved to not be an option as a spooky character was following us quite closely.  That gave us a bit of a fright.  We managed to feel our way through and scream and laugh a bit doing it.  At one point we had to crawl through a car with “dead” passengers in the front.  They weren’t really as dead as they appeared at first glance.

We also got to run on top of a hay maze and a tire course.  Surprisingly, the boys urged me to do it too.  I got up, feeling a little bit foolish, and frolicked with the rest of the kiddies.  It was nice that D and P weren’t embarrassed by their fun-lovin’ mama.  They thought I was a bit weird taking pictures of corn stalks in the corn maze but they’re used to me being a bit weird.

I had fun trying to get pics of the boys and they had fun trying to avoid getting in the photos or looking all goofy for the camera.  Gone are the days of cooperative kids who pose cutely!

Our day ended with a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch.  The price of admission included one free pumpkin for each of us.  Of course, we had to go looking for the biggest pumpkins and of course they had to be about a mile into the field.  There were lots of comical moments trying to find the best way to haul our orange finds back to where the wagon would pick us up!

All that to say that I now have three more pumpkins of the rather largish size.  I thought that I would put them in my empty pots in the living room.  (The plants that were occupying those pots weren’t doing so well so I’ve relocated them to intensive care where they can get better care.)

They certainly add a seasonal touch to that corner of the room but they seemed a bit bland to me.  I had seen on another blog pumpkins with vine wrapped around them and the addition of the vine really jazzed them up.  I don’t happen to have any vine laying around my place that I’m aware of.  What I did find was some garland in one of the boxes that came from DA’s grandma.

I don’t know; are my orange buddies better with bling or without it?