I’m happy to say that our wedding went off with a hitch

and that DA and I had a great time getting away for a weekend.

What we came home to were happy children, caring parents and a house full of stuff.  Spent decorations from our wedding venue stuff.  Leftovers from the catered meal stuff.  Mounds of gifts and cards from friends and family stuff.  My house had been dangerously close to being overstuffed before this latest influx of goods; now it definitely has an affliction of stuff.  That’s not good.  Too much stuff is the death of beauty.  It’s no fun living in a home where you are tripping over boxes, getting frustrated trying to find a spot to make a sandwich on your overloaded counter or dreading to look in the packed fridge.  Too much stuff, even too much nice stuff, means that things start fighting with each other instead of complementing each other.

The only remedy I know of for an overstuffed home is editing.  I’m in the process of doing that now.  Stuff is getting stored and moved and heaved so that I can actually live in this home and maintain some sort of sanity.  All that to say that I doubt very much that there will be an pics of home projects for a while.

To escape the stuff and the work it causes me I like to go to places that are less cluttered and more beautiful.  Places where mushrooms grow.

Places where the sun filters through the trees.

Places where plants have gone to seed.

Even places where there is an element of danger.

I just want to get away to any place that doesn’t need editing.