Since DA and I are getting married in a library, we cannot use the traditional unity candle as a symbol of our two lives becoming one.  Places that house books and open flames don’t make a good match, at least according to the people that manage the library and make the rules.  So, we decided to come up with a unity candle alternative.  I’ve heard that some people do a sand ceremony where different coloured sands are poured into one glass container to make something pretty.  If I was getting married on a beach I would love that idea.  It just didn’t seem to fit our wedding ideas so DA and I are going to try to braid a three-fold cord.  The idea is taken from Ecc. 4:12 which says that a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

This frame will hang from the arbour and at first will just have a white sash hanging from it.  The white sash is meant to represent God.  DA’s parents will walk the aisle first and hang the blue sash next to the white one.  That sash will represent the groom.  My parents will follow and hang the pink sash on the other side of the white one.  That will represent the bride.

The sashes will hang there until after the vows and exchange of rings.  At that point there will be a solo and DA and I will braid the sashes together to signify the blending of our lives into one cord that, along with the Lord’s help, isn’t easily broken.  DA’s mom said that a two-fold cord is twice as strong as a single cord but that a third strand makes it fifteen times as strong.  I like the symbolism in this.  I like that you can still see the pink and the blue meaning that DA stays DA and I stay myself; our lives just intertwine.  Hopefully, at the end it will look like this:

I’m not sure that DA has done much braiding in his life and I’m sure that it’s harder to braid with two people working on it than it is to do it yourself.  We’ll have to practice but, God willing, we will work as one and we won’t be the only ones to get the meaning behind what we’re doing.