I was thinking today how in a lot of ways my house is like my life (or maybe it’s the other way around).  For instance, there are parts of my home that I really like.

These rooms feel complete to me.  I minorly tweak them as the seasons change but for the most part I am happy with them.  That’s true of certain areas of my life too.  I’m really happy to be a Christian and enjoy the church that I’m a part of.  Neither of those things are static but they aren’t in need of an overhaul either.

There are other areas of my home that need some investment.

The master bedroom and the T.V. room need upgrading.  Really they need a plan.  There is loads of potential for both these rooms but I need vision to see how to realize that potential.  There are parts of my life like these rooms.  I’m currently attending workshops at an Employment Centre to see where I could possibly fit into the world of work.  A plan is needed.  There is lots of potential for good with the time I have available to give to a job but I’m not sure yet what that plan would look like nor how it will be implemented.

Still other areas of my home are bare and need a little filling.  The big walls especially beg to be less naked.  I’m getting started on that.

The kitchen wall got a collection of flower photos in matching frames put on it.  It still needs more but what went up was a good start.  The wall by the front door got a Dollar Store lizard put on it.  That little critter adds a touch of whimsy in a spot that I felt could use some of that sentiment.  My relationships can be a little stark at times.  They need the addition of humour and some fresh deposits of love.

Making a house a home takes some doing.  Beauty doesn’t just happen without effort and thought.  Making my life a worthy one also takes some doing.  By default it won’t be.  I need to work at it and view it the same way I do working on my home.  I enjoy trying to make my home beautiful.  My life is infinitely more valuable than any house can ever be.  The words, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his own soul?” come to mind.  I will continue to do what I can in my house but I hope that it will remind me to invest where it really matters – my life.