I’m moving onto Plan C for my wedding cake.  Plan A was to do artistically decorated cupcakes displayed on a tiered stand.  I found out that although I’m alright at baking cupcakes, I’m not very talented at squeezing icing out of one of those tipped cake decorator bags.  I’m sure that I could take courses to get better but seeing that my wedding date is looming ever nearer I don’t think that is going to happen.

Plan B was to try to make a tiered wedding cake myself.  I found a great recipe on line with step by step instructions on how to put the layers together.  That plan got ditched when I found out how much the needed cake tins cost.  I’m not likely to use these tins again so it didn’t seem like a very good investment to purchase them.

So now I’m on to Plan C which is a modified Plan A.  I’m still going to make cupcakes, ice them and display them on a tiered stand but instead of trying to decorate them with a cake decorator I’m going to top them with these:

They are made of melted pink chocolate.  Years ago a neighbour of mine moved and had to downsize her possessions.  She came over almost daily with free offerings for me and one of those offerings was a box of candy molds.  I pulled them out and found that there were a couple of pretty flower shaped ones.  It was really easy to melt the chocolate, pour it into the greased molds, freeze it and then pop out these adorable and edible pink flowers.  They will look nice atop my imperfectly iced cupcakes and will tie the dessert into my overall colour scheme.  This works for me.  I can still have a dessert that I like and I can make it look somewhat special and it won’t drive me to tears doing it.  That’s beautiful.