I want to introduce you to Easter Island Man.

This interesting character has been a part of our home for a few years now.  He used to reside with my “belle-mere” but then she decided to downsize from a house to a two bedroom apartment.  Easter Island Man didn’t make the cut of things to keep for her.  Being unwanted by my “belle-mere’s” children, he was brought to my attention for adoption.

Over the years, he’s sported a number of different hair styles.  His current look involves sticks.  I happen to love sticks.  I love them so much that I probably would be as happy receiving an interesting bouquet of tree limbs as I would be getting a posy of fresh flowers.

Today, his look got a bit of an upgrade.  He’s now sporting a more Native style.  I found a couple of turkey feathers while walking and just couldn’t pass them up.  I also have a thing for feathers, especially the long, brown-hued ones.

This is another thing that I do with bird plumes – stick them in an interesting vase.