I am letting my readers know right now that this is a “pluck and cluck” post and therefore will probably not be of interest to those of the male gender.

I picked up my SPANX today.  They promise to make me look thinner and in today’s mindset that’s a good thing.  Thin was a bit of a theme today.  In my goodie bag from the Bridal Show was a coupon for a complimentary eyebrow shaping.  I’ve never had this done before but being a person who likes free things I decided to change that this afternoon.  I now have thinner brows to match my soon to be thinner physique.  (The reduced figure part doesn’t actually happen until you squeeze yourself into the SPANX – something I haven’t tried yet.  I’ve been way too busy trying to take a picture of at least one of my eyebrows.  Self-portraits are a bit tricky and none of mine were too flattering even with the new and improved waxed and plucked ridges over my eye sockets.  Must be the light in this kitchen.  Yeah.  That’s it.  The light’s not that great.  Otherwise, you’d all be oohing and aahing at my shapely eyebrows that were all bushy and natural looking just an hour ago.)