The boys came back from school on Friday telling me that we had to go fishing on Saturday.  Apparently there had been an announcement on the  school PA system about it.  That was about all the information I got out of them.  We went to downtown Orillia by the waterfront hoping to find whatever that announcement was about.  There were a lot of parents and kids of all ages fishing so that was a good sign.

We were herded to a table to register the kids and then ushered on to a pavilion where we were given free stuff – LOTS of free stuff.  The boys got free t-shirts, free caps, free fishing poles, free tackle boxes, free packages of lures, free worms and tickets for free pizza and pop later on.  I left that pavilion like all the other parents who went through – loaded with stuff and stunned that it had been all happily handed to me free of charge.

The boys had a great time catching mini sunfish, rock bass and perches.

I had a great time wearing one of the free hats and watching my once worm and fish squeamish boys not only putting their own worms on and taking their own fish off but also helping others with those tasks.

It’s a beautiful thing when a girly-girl mom can retire from being the “worm putter-onner and fish taker-offer”!