Doesn’t a title like that just beg you to read what follows?  What on earth could “Higher Power SPANX’ mean?  Here’s a hint:  It’s the name of the prize I won today.

Some time ago DA’s mom alerted me to the fact that a bridal show was coming to Orillia.  Admission was free and there were to be door prizes and a fashion show.  The only condition to going was that you had to be en route to being one of these:

I had my name added to the list of attendees and invited DA’s mom to come along as my guest.  Having two sons and a husband, she’s as surrounded by masculinity as I am.  I thought this might be a fun “girl thing” to do together.

Like all the other women wearing “Bride badges”, we went from vendor to vendor getting our piece of paper stamped and putting our names on any ballots for prize draws.  The fully stamped piece of paper entitled you to a chance at winning the grand prize – $500 worth of custom made invitations.  Having already sent out my invitations, I wasn’t too interested in winning that.  In fact, most of the vendors didn’t interest me all that much.  The one that interested me the most was this one:

That’s because my ensuite bathroom has been sporting this look as of late:

This is where the guys might want to stop reading and the gals might get ready for a good chuckle.  I kid you not; this is not a staged picture.  Even this morning I was looking at the Sears catalogue at something called a Body Shaper.  This undergarment is supposed to lift and cinch and smoothen you in all the places you need lifting, cinching and smoothing.  Being well past the age of gravity-defying skin, I definitely have a few of those places on me.  Sooooo…when I came to the table at the Bridal show belonging to “Under The Gown” I lingered a little longer and asked a few questions.  Their product looked interesting but like all specialty products in this category a tad bit expensive.  I put my name in the draw and never gave it a second thought.

Imagine my surprise during the fashion show when my name was called as a prize winner and the prize I won was Higher Power SPANX!  What is Higher Power SPANX you ask?  Take a look:

Now listen to the ad on this High Waisted Power Panty.

*smooths midriff, tummy, thighs and rear (Yes!)

*look slimmer in clothing all through the waistline (Very good!)

*Avoid VPL (Visible Panty Lines)  (I like that idea!)

* cotton double gusset (crotch) opens to make life easier when Mother Nature calls (Phew! Wouldn’t want to keep her waiting!)

*soft hosiery fabric stays up with special knitting techniques (Great – Nothing worse than sagging hosiery!)

*body shaping control offers perfect smoothing support (Perfect is good!)

*no leg band! No more bulge or mark on thigh (Big sigh of relief – really can’t stand bulges/marks on my thighs!)

*disco tested…dancing approved (Drats!  Can’t use my undergarment as an excuse to get out of that embarrassing first bride and groom dance!)

Oh!  I just have to share their motto because I really like it.  It goes like this:  “…don’t worry, we’ve got your butt covered.”

O.K. For any guys who actually read all of that, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Higher Power SPANX – just one more indication that there is a Higher Power that loves me and really wants me to look my best on my wedding day.