I had a chance to visit DA’s paternal grandparents for the first time yesterday.  They are living in a nursing home now as their health has declined over the last few years.  DA’s grandma was delighted to hear that my parents are from the Netherlands.  She too has Dutch blood in her veins.  Although she is confined to a wheelchair and is quickly losing the ability to speak, she became more animated when we talked of Holland.  I had to strain to understand her words but her next gesture towards me could not have been more clear.  She directed DA’s mom to her bedside table where she had a little box.  Inside the box was a gold chain that her grandmother had given her; it’s obviously something that she has treasured.  She explained to me that it had come from Holland, was very old and that she now wanted to pass it on to me.  Her frail hands extended a little towards mine and there was joy in her eyes as I received what she had guarded and prized for a lifetime.