The building that houses the Employment Resource Centre just happens to be very close to Fabricland.  Normally, I don’t go in Fabricland because years ago I tried sewing and found I wasn’t that good at it.  This Fabricland I just had to enter.  On the window in BIG letters were the words “MOVING SALE – 50-75% off everything”.  I have a few naked windows in my home.  A couple of them I am happy to leave that way.  A few others I’ve been wanting to try to dress up.  I got a few things in the 70-75% off section of the store.  Not everything I got made it onto those nude windows.

These lovelies found a place on my big wall:

Here’s what they look like from that crazy angle:

And here’s what they look like from a more direct angle that makes the colours in the room look all funny:

They are silly, little, pretty things that just add to the existing collection of silly, little, pretty things.