When the boys and I collectively agreed that we would not homeschool this year, I single-mindedly decided to transform the Learning Room into a guest bedroom.  It’s not that I don’t want my boys to learn at home anymore; I just don’t want my house to look like a classroom anymore.

I started by sorting through the learning materials that I had and donating the better stuff to a good friend who has two boys each a year younger than my own.  She was grateful and I was happy to get rid of some books and curriculum without being wasteful.

The next step in the transformation took place when I painted my parents’ dated bedroom set. My Mom and Dad bought this set for very little money when they were first married and are astounded that it is still usable after all these years.  The entire set moved down from the master bedroom to fill what was becoming the guest bedroom.  I’ve been the guest sleeping down there for now as I don’t have any other bedroom furniture.  The idea is that DA and I will go together and buy a bed, mattress set and some dressers for that now empty room.  More about that when it actually happens.

The closet in the guest bedroom needed a lot of work.  It’s hard to really call it a closet.  It’s more like a doorless opening in the wall.  I’m not sure what the former occupants of this house tried to do in there but I don’t think they succeeded.  It had a shelf in it supported by an angled piece of wood and a lot of big holes in its interior.  I managed to patch those up and for many months it has looked like this:

Even taking out all the neatly organized junk in there didn’t make it exactly guest-friendly.

Well Friday rolled around, the boys trotted off to catch the bus and I realized that I had absolutely nothing planned for the entire day.  I don’t know how to describe what happened next.  Adrenaline set in and I found myself pouring the contents of several paint cans into one big Home Depot container, stirring it up and doing a marathon painting job.  I managed to strip the room and put two coats of paint on all the walls in an exhausting display of feminine strength.  I didn’t even stop to eat.  Every now and then I’d go up and grab some grapes or a granola bar and gulp down some water and then go right back at that painting job.  The room went from a kind of brown-gold colour with lots of white patches to a kind of concocted golden apricot colour.  (This is another room where my camera is colour-challenged.)

I put one of the painted dressers in the hole that is supposed to be a closet and used the tension bars and curtain panels I had purchased at Fabricland to hide the rest of the closet.  The curtains were too long but I didn’t want to cut  them in case I move again and can use them for windows.  I simply used double sided tape to shorten them almost two feet.  Behind one of the curtains I intend to put a bar so that guests can hang up their nicer clothes.  There are shelves concealed behind the other curtain.

The final step of the transformation will be to get the computer out of this room and to use the old dining room table and chairs to make a tiny sitting area.  I just had Rogers come in and get us set up for high speed internet use.  We are going to attempt to go wireless which, if I undertand correctly, means that we can set our computer up anywhere and therefore not be tied down to a location with a working phone jack.  If you don’t see anything new on this blog for several days, just know that I failed in my attempt at this wireless route or that I’m lounging in my new-improved, cheery-looking guest bedroom or that I am scouting around for the perfect picture to go above the painted dresser in that closet that’s been healed of its leprosy.