I’m going to write a tutorial here.  No one actually needs a twine ball and most people might wonder why I am giving instructions on how I made one.  I’m convinced that there may be one or two people out there who really like stuff like this and may give this easy project a try.  This five step lesson is for those people.

First, inflate a balloon to the size that you want your twine ball to be.

I wanted mine to sit in this urn so I chose a smallish balloon.

Second, tie the twine to the bottom of the balloon.

If you’re smart, you’ll unravel a lot of twine before moving on to step three.

Third, wrap the balloon in twine.  Try wrapping in every direction to fill gaps and get an interesting look.

When you feel you are done wrapping, snip the twine and tie it again to the bottom of the balloon.

Fourth, spray your creation liberally with spray-on starch.

I picked up this Easy On starch at Walmart for $2.37.  I sprayed my creation twice for good measure leaving a few hours between sprays.  I then let it sit overnight to dry.

Fifth, pop the balloon and admire your twine ball.

I am hoping that at least one person will attempt to make this simple craft.  If you are that one person, please leave a comment for me to that effect or better yet send me a picture or directions to your blog to see pictures of what you have made.

This craft could be tweaked.  You could use orange yarn to make a sort of pumpkin like creation.  You could spray paint your twine ball gold after it’s all done to have a neat Christmas decoration.  They are kind of fragile but probably could be made stronger with repeated sprays of starch and more nights of letting them dry completely.  I think that there are more expensive products out there to stiffen fabric that might work better than the less expensive and more versatile spray on starch that I purchased.  What I did worked for what I wanted to make.  Hope you find a way to make something that works for you.