Yesterday I went to the Employment Resource Centre.  I didn’t feel like going so I put it on the top of my to do list for the day.  If I’m going to get a job, I need to write a resume.  I wasn’t at all sure how to do that considering that I haven’t worked for pay outside the home in 14 years.  The woman I talked to was very helpful and I left with a lot of information on resume writing, some sample resumes and an appointment with an employment specialist.  Whenever I talk of going back to work, people always ask me what it is that I want to do.  I wish I had an answer for that.  I really don’t know what I want to do, what I can do or even what I should be doing.  Of course, the woman I talked to yesterday asked me that question as well.  The meeting with the employment specialist should help me get started at knowing myself a little better and finding my niche in the job market.  From there, I can take a week long course on career planning that involves personality and skills testing.

I felt good about what I had accomplished.  I had taken a step in the right direction.  On getting home after all that, I had my “job du jour” to look forward to.  Wednesdays for me are the day I clean our three bathrooms.  I wasn’t really looking forward that either so I decided to reward myself first for actually getting off by butt and taking the first step to getting a job.  For me a reward isn’t a food treat, some time vegging in front of the television or something store-bought.  A reward for me is giving myself time and permission to work on little home improvement projects.  I decided to tackle this:

The wall art here isn’t really hung crookedly.  That’s my camera lying to you again.  The pictures in question are actually too small for the huge wall they are trying to fill.   They look like they are hung too high for the smallish things I have on the sofa table.  I decided to play with them a bit without making new holes in the wall.  This is what I ended up with:

I wanted to take a picture facing the arrangement but the lighting was really not working for me so I decided to post this one taken at a crazy angle.  The wall art is now staggered making it tie in a bit better with the items on the sofa table.  I used ordinary ribbon to lower the frames and then jazzed up the exposed nail heads with some beads glued together.

I used a glue gun to stick the beads together and then attached them to an ordinary penny to make them easier to affix to the nail head.

I’m not sure that I really fixed an oops here but I had some fun trying.