Ever notice how nature is constantly changing?   You can walk the same path often but it’s never exactly the same as it was the day before.  Sometimes nature dramatically changes the palette like when fall comes and the leaves turn from various shades of green to vibrant reds, oranges and yellows.  Sometimes the changes are more subtle and only someone looking for them will actually spot them.

I haven’t walked out back much this summer.  It’s been so wet that it was almost swamp-like.  We’ve been having more sun and blue skies lately so I thought I’d give the Hydro easement path a try again.

Things hadn’t changed hugely since the last time I was back there except that the path was more navigable with less water to impede my progress.  I did spot the something new though.  These flowers weren’t blooming the last time I was there:

I think I take my cue from nature.  Sometimes I completely transform a room by changing its whole colour scheme.  Other times, I just change one small thing.  If you’re not looking for it you might miss it.  Here’s my latest little change put in the foreground of these before and after photos:

I found the little urn at a Thrifty Thursday sale at the Goodwill and for some reason it just seemed to scream at me that it needed a twine ball in it.  I wanted something that would pick up on the this theme in my feathery centrepiece:

I picked up some sisal twine at the dollar store, wrapped it willy-nilly style around an inflated balloon and then impatiently put all sorts of stuff on it to try to get the twine to harden in that position.  I wasn’t at all sure it would work.  D and P were happy to pop the balloon this morning before heading off to school and wonder of wonders my twine ball still looks sort of ball shape.  It’s actually more like an ostrich egg.

I’m hoping to do a matching one for this urn:

If I can get some kind of workable technique, I may just write my first tutorial for this blog.

I’m taking my cue again from nature.  When she decides it’s time for a new flower to bloom, there is never just one of them.  Those twine ball thingeys just have to show up in a bit of profusion I think to look right in this room.