I haven’t done much garage saling since I moved here.  With the price of gas as high as it is, I can hardly justify driving all over the countryside to peruse what may be just junk.  Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few yard sales in my neck of the woods and couldn’t resist peeking at their offerings.  These were garage sales on lonely roads and their price tags reflected that.  The vendors seemed happy enough that someone had stopped, was open to chatting while looking and they accordingly threw in freebies and slashed prices even further if you bought a few things.  I’m living in the right neck of the woods.  These are my kind of folk.

My freebie found a home immediately:

It’s looking pretty in a corner of the upstairs bathroom’s vanity.

My $1 candelabra with lots of extra candles is holding its own for now in a corner of the dining room:

My $40 full length mirror is my next painting job:

This  $1 picture frame with hooks will replace something much uglier left behind by the previous owners:

These 3 for $1 funky mirrors are the subject of much consideration right now:

These platters which were thrown in for 50 cents each show promise for a special future project:

I’m so totally eclectic.  I love to surround myself with stuff I like whether it seems to go together or not and garage sales are the perfect place to find the neatest things.