I’ve been practicing walking around in the ultra-high heels and the veil I hope to wear on my wedding day.  Both have a bit of a story to them.

The shoes are the something old in that familiar English saying – “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.  I found them gently used at Value Village.  They are like Cinderella shoes to me.  They are quite high and not the most comfortable but hopefully they will propel me to new heights so that my man won’t have to stoop to kiss me and I won’t have to strain up to meet his lips.  It would also be nice to have our heads in the same photo without me having to stand on a rock or something.

Ever try photographing your own feet?  It’s not easy!

I bought my veil the same time I bought my dress even though I wasn’t sure I was even going to wear it.  Here’s the skinny.  For starters, I have an unusually small head for an adult.  Things like tiaras and flower circlets just don’t seem to fit my noggin.  I was assured by the woman selling these items that they could be made more secure with bobby pins.  This woman has obviously never tried to put anything in my hair.  It is very straight and very slippery.  I’m the person who can wear a barrette, move a little and have it just slide right out.  The last thing I want on my wedding day is to have to try to balance something on my head.  The veil I bought had a comb in it.  Notice that word had.  That’s past tense.  Combs also don’t work in my hair.  If you look in bridal mags, you’ll notice that every model wearing this type of veil has long hair that has been swept up into a glamorous up-do with the comb cleverly hidden inside of it so that the veil flows beautifully out the back of her head.  Well, I don’t have long hair so there is no chance of doing an up-do and my hair is so fine that I don’t think anyone could hide a silver comb in it.  So, I cut the comb out.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I cut the comb out and attached the remaining veil to a hair band.  I can now walk around and move my head and actually have the veil stay on.  Let’s hope that there are no big gusts of wind on October the fourth.  If there are, I still might walk the aisle veil-less.

Ever try photographing the top of your own head?  That’s not easy either!