Warning:  The colour in the photos you are about to see are off.  The tablecloth is actually dark pink and not neon orange.  I’m not sure why my camera insisted on lying.


Many moons ago a new flea market opened not too far from where we live.  I’ve driven by it many times but have never checked it out as that sort of thing is about as interesting to the boys as brushing barbie doll hair.  They look at places like that and just see mounds of junk.  Me?  I’m a treasure hunter looking for that elusive gem that I am sure is hiding in all that stuff somewhere.

Today, I had a chance to pop in all by myself.  I found something I thought was interesting.  I bought it, managed to get it home intact, filled the pieces with salt , added some pink-hued flowers and – voila! – here is what I have:

The swans and vase are handblown glass and can also be filled with coloured water.  I think this creation is very pretty and I want to put it somewhere on the head table at my wedding.  I don’t think that I can use it as a centrepiece as it is quite tall and will block the view of the bride and groom.  I’m sure I’ll find a spot just right for it and that it will be quite the conversation piece.

After the wedding is over I want to package it up and pull it out as a table centrepiece for our first anniversary dinner.  I know that most people eat out for important dates like that but DA is such a fabulous cook that I am really hoping that we won’t end up being like most people.  The idea of a romantic dinner with the man I love and this cool throwback to our day of wedded bliss sounds awfully good to me!