After a long walk yesterday and a soak in the tub, I got to thinking about people and began to wonder if everyone has one sense that is more heightened than others.

Auditory people would be passionate about anything that has to do with sound.  Some of them would be musicians.  Others singers.  Still others would have huge CD collections and would always have music as a backdrop to life.  Sound would be where they would invest money.  They’d have good quality equipment and would pay through the nose happily to go to a good concert or something like a jazz festival.

Olfactory people, on the other hand, would be concerned with smell.  These would be the people who would walk into a room and notice that it smelled like vanilla.  They would brew things on the stove just to make their apartment smell nicer.   They would invest in flowers for their smell as much as for their beauty.  They likely would wear scented products and would be much more keenly aware if others around them were wearing too much perfume or not enough cologne.  They might be so sensitive that less than pleasant smells, too much odour or the wrong combination of aromas might actually make them sick.  They likely would be intriqued by aromatherapy.  Their world has a lot to do with how things hit their proboscis.

Then there are people of the palate.  They would be intensely interested in taste.  They likely would be good cooks and bakers and would be keenly interested in sampling new flavours.  They would think nothing of investing their money in eating out at a nice restaurant or pairing a homemade meal with the perfect wine.  They could probably distinguish flavours in a dish with far more accuracy than someone who didn’t fall into this category.

Tactile/kinesthetic people would be those whose world revolved around comfort.  I suspect that athletes would fall in this category.  They love the feel of the turf under their feet, the experience of powering their way through water or the thrill of pushing themselves to reach the top of some summit.  I also suspect that couch potatoes could fall into this category on the other end of the spectrum.  What they like most in life is the feel of a comfy chair and the fit of their favourite track pants.  It’s all about how it feels for these people.

Finally, there are the visual people.  I fall into this category.  For this group, it’s all about how things look.  They are the fashionistas, the interior decorators, the hair stylists, the artists, etc.  They invest their money to make things more visually appealing.

I realize that this categorizng of people is very simplistic and that most people are way too complicated to be sorted into five neat categories but it does explain a few things to me.  I have a son whom I believe is auditory.  As a baby, he was drawn to toys that honked, squeaked or made some kind of noise.  More than any of us, he loves stories on CD – the kind with sound effects built right in.  He often calls me to the computer to listen to some new tune that he finds interesting.  My other son is definitely tactile/kinesthetic.  His world is all about comfort.  He doesn’t want me to “mess” with his room because it’s comfortable for him the way it is.  There are certain items of clothing in his closet that are stylish but unworn.  The reason?  They just don’t feel right.  Neither of them is natually interested in how things look and therefore we are different.  That’s good.  It takes all types.

O.K.  This has been a huge lead in to the painting project I’ve been working on.  I did this project because I am a visual person.  I took something that was good and made it into something that I found more aesthetically to my liking.  Here’s what I started with:

I found this lovely pair at a used store and though they were sitting on a shelf with lots of other dodads, they stood out to me.  I bought them and they have sat in various places in my house.  I liked them but their bronze colouring just didn’t seem to suit any nook I could place them.  So, I decided to use my favourite medium – paint – and change them a bit.  They now look like this:

At first, they were too starkly white for me.  The room they are sitting in has browns, greens and creams in it.  To soften them up a bit, I rubbed them down with a spent tea bag.  I love how the tea pooled in crevises and made these two look less like white painted knick knacks and more like garden statuary.

For now this handsome couple has landed on my fireplace mantle but I can see them flying away to other perches as I wish to dress this area for certain seasons and activities.  With their current colouring, they’ll look great just about anywhere.