I’m back!  I had to take a short hiatus from the blog due to more computer problems.  These ones were self-inflicted though.  Of all things, I stumbled and kneed the front of the computer.  I nearly cried when I realized I had physically damaged it.  The boys nearly beat me up.  We had just got the computer back from the shop and I go and do something stupid like fall into it.  Well, the computer lady got some more business and we all suffered some more computer withdrawal.  Anyways, this blog is supposed to be about beauty not woes so I am now changing the subject.

While the computer was away I managed to (1)keep busy making my little two-by-four world pretty, (2) visit my mom and dad and (3) witness my nephew get married.  Not a bad little hiatus, eh?  While at my mom’s I noticed the planter we had bought together at a garage sale this summer.  She had put a plant in it and had moved it to a bare spot in the garden where it added colour.  I had bought the matching planter at the same garage sale and ever since then my mom has been asking me what I’ve done with it.  For a long time it sat looking like this:

Then I went to Home Depot and saw rows upon rows of garden mums out.  I just knew that I had to buy a pot for this empty planter and call this blog entry “Garden Mums for my Gardening Mom”.  The entrance to my lovely abode now has this to grace it:

It’s amazing what five dollars and forty nine cents can do to cheer up a barren corner!  Plants can really make a home look more welcoming.  You would think that coming from a gardening family I would have figured that out a long time ago but I’m only just discovering it now.  Thanks Mom for asking me again and again about that planter.  You motivate me to bring beauty to even the exterior of my home.