This blog wasn’t always about my frugal attempts to bring beauty to my world.  It used to be about me, a girly-girl widow, trying to raise and homeschool my two decidedly masculine sons.  That came to a halt when my boys grew up and despised me for posting cute pictures of them and writing even cuter stories about all the fun things these two do.  Well, this entry is a flashback to those good old days.

We were eating lunch together recently and D decided to stick a whole plum in his mouth.  While chuckling about this, he kept tapping me and pointing to the camera.  Over the course of twelve years with this particular son, I have come to learn that his boybarian gestures don’t always mean what my girly-girl mind thinks they might mean.  I was wise and stated what I thought he might be trying to communicate.  “You want me to take a picture of you?”  His head bobbed up and down.  By agreement that gesture means yes in boybarian and girly-girl.  So, I snapped this photo:

Having a digital camera, I was the first to see this horrid shot.  D must have noticed my face because he spit the plum out and said, “What?”  I replied, “You know all those people who think that they have seen aliens?  I don’t think they have; I think they’ve seen you with a plum in your mouth.”  Now if someone had said that to me when I was twelve years old I probably would have started crying, been scarred for life and certainly would never have put another whole plum in my mouth.  D is not me.  He thought my comment was pretty funny, happily showed this picture to his brother and his cousin and then turned back to me and said, “Mom, you can put this one on the blog.”  Go figure!  I think this is the worst shot I have ever taken of him and would have just deleted it but for his enthusiasm over it.

All that to say that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.  D and P look at things with completely different eyes than I do.  Often when I am trying to spruce up an area of our home, they eye me dubiously and say things like, “Tell me you’re not coming in our rooms next.”  Hah!  I know they like what I do.  The areas I have put the most work into are the very areas they frequent the most to play.  Whether they realize or not, they are drawn to beauty and order.  They get ruffled when I insist that they put the room back to the way it was when they are finished playing but they keep returning to the cleaned up areas.  But I digress…Back to this icky photo.  The computer lady put a photo editting program on the computer and I am thinking of changing the shading of it to a pale green.  If I can get it to look alien enough, I may blow it up to poster size and give it to D as a Christmas gift.  All I need is a great caption.  So, let the caption contest begin.  Looking forward to hearing some original entries!