Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself, “I could do that.”?  I have.  The local library carries a magazine subscription for Modern Bride.  I took out a few back issues and took some time to peruse their contents.  What I saw was page after page of long-haired, shapely young women appareled in billowy designer numbers.  What caught my eye though wasn’t the latest organza dress or some stunning silk creation.  I kept seeing the little bouquets the models were carrying and thinking how much they look like the $14.99 A&P rose bouquets I sometimes look at when picking up a few groceries.

I know that I am not the typical bride.  I honestly don’t care so much about the bridal bouquet.  I could be just as happy carrying some handpicked wildflowers down the aisle instead of some lavish expensive creation.  I’ve decided to go the middle route.  I will carry some nice flowers on my wedding day but not ones put together by a florist.  I’ve decided to make my own bouquet.  There are sites on-line that tell you how to do this.  I looked at them a bit but knew that I would have to try things out for myself to see if I could really make something that looks like it could be used on a wedding day.

So, I went to A&P and bought one of those bouquets today.  For some reason, it only rang up at $12.99.  Bonus!  I also went to the dollar store and bought some ivory coloured ribbon and some straight pins with heads on them.  This is what I started with:

This is what I turned it into:

This is what it looks like in my hands:

And this is where these flowers are now:

It took me all of five minutes to put the bouquet together.  Looking at the photos, I think I will have to be more careful to cut the rose stems evenly.  Still, I think crafting my own bouquet will be a good idea for me.  I know I will be nervous on my wedding day and having something to do with my hands will definitely help take my mind off of the fact that I will be the centre of the show for a day and will have people snapping lots of pictures of me.  That’s not exactly my comfort zone!