I have been dying to work on decorating the arbour I bought for our wedding but it’s been raining pretty much every day here for the last week or so.  The clouds finally cleared up a bit on Sunday night so I quickly got out the tulle and berry vines I had purchased and had a go at making the arbour look like a wedding arch.  These are pictures of what I’ve come up with so far:

I got the tulle and the greenery at Walmart and attached both to the arbour with elastics and/or twist ties.  The berry vines were in the reduced section and I bought all that the store had.  I wish that I could find a few more strands to fall further down the sides of the arbour.  I’ve looked in two other Walmarts so far and haven’t found any more.  I don’t think that I want to introduce another type of flower or colour to the mix.  I could perhaps add some ivy to hang down.  I am open to suggestions on this.  I’m also open to friends checking out their local Walmarts to see if perchance they can find some more of this pretty pink berry vine for me.  Even if this is all I have to work with, I think it looks nice.  DA and I will be standing in front of it so you may not see the somewhat naked sides anyways.