I enjoy going for walks and I am finding out that I need to take them.  I think that I have restless leg syndrome.  If I get a good walk in, I sleep OK at night.  If I don’t, my right thigh muscle will twitch and spasm as though it has an adrenaline drip attached to it.  It drives me nuts and I end up getting up and exercising that leg anyways.

Sometimes on my walks I find feathers.  I know that they aren’t the most sanitary things but I can’t refuse picking them up.  For a while, I had an untidy pile of plumes in a dish.  On Saturday, I sat looking at them as it poured rain again most of the day and decided to try to do something creative with them.  I now have this feathery centrepiece gracing the leather ottoman in my living room:

This is a one-of-a-kind sort of creation.  I don’t seriously expect anyone who takes a gander at these photos to run out, start collecting feathers and craft one of their own.  I am curious though what people do with all those little things that they or their children collect.  Do you have a creative way of using them?  I would love to see some of your unique ideas!