Sometimes, you can’t totally transform a room.  You don’t have the funds for it or, in my case, your youngest son inhabits the room and is very happy with the way it is.  I’m not so happy with the way it is.  The little thing that bugged me the most was the star and moon window clings the previous occupant of the room had stuck on the windows.

My son was totally alright with the idea of those coming off.  I had a product called “Goof Off: The Ultimate Remover” from some other DIY project.  Out it came and with a little elbow grease off came those window clings.  Check out the before and after pictures following this post.

So what little thing is bugging you and what can you do about it to make it better?  That bedroom looks just a little bit lovelier to me because I addressed my little thing on a rainy afternoon.  Looking forward to hearing about your “that bugged me but I did something about it”.