I’ve been thinking about this blog today.  I remember when the idea of starting a blog was first suggested to me by a homeschooling friend.  I wasn’t too sure I wanted to.  The computer was a new addition to our home at that time and I wasn’t sure if I was on amicable terms with technology.  It wasn’t too long after starting that I really grew to enjoy blogging.  It was great to end my day thinking of all that was happy and good about it and to try to craft those memories into words so that they could be shared with others.

Blogging just got better when I got a digital camera and actually figured out how to post pictures along with my texts.  It was great to join two passions, writing and photography, in one forum.  My all-time favourite thing to blog about has been life as I know it;  I’m a Christian stay-at home widower homeschooling mom to two fantastic boys affectionately known as D and P on this blog.  As little gaffers, these two were constantly calling, “Mom. look at me!”.  If I pulled the camera out, they more than happily obliged and posed oh-so-cutely.  Right from the beginning I started an album of favourite photos for each of the boys.  We had many happy times going through those albums one-on-one, laughing and reliving earlier times.

Times change.  Little gaffers grow up.  Those same two boys that used to stop and ham it up for the camera now cringe and duck if I try to get a photo of them.  Their evasive manoeuvers are usually accompanied by “Don’t even think about putting that on your blog Mom.  Seriously.”  It seems my passion for photojournalism and chronicling all the priceless moments in our days is getting in the way of the ever-changing relationships with those two special young men I call my sons.  Thus, I have decided to NOT blog about them anymore.  They were very thankful when I announced this to them.  I want them to know that I respect their desire for privacy.  I want them to be their silly, goofy selves without fear that their antics might show up on some public forum.  I want our relationships to grow and be close and if refraining from writing about them is a way for this to happen than it’s worth it.

So, this blog will change.  I would love to start writing all about my man, DA, but that also won’t be happening.  DA is a shy sort of fellow.  He too cringes when I pull a camera out.  If our relationship is to develop in healthy ways, he must be allowed his privacy.  There are some things he doesn’t want to share with anyone but me.  I respect that.

I have decided to turn a page on this blog.  I still love writing and I still like taking pictures.  I’ve decided to blog about another passion of mine which has begun already to show up under the category of home improvement.  I’m passionate about decorating, especially on a budget.  I hope to showcase easy ways to improve many things without breaking the bank.  I think I want to let the Martha Stewart in me out.  I still may write on occasion about books I’m reading or what God is teaching me.  Those are things I’m passionate about too but they don’t come as easily to mind or print as the simple art of decorating.  I don’t know if anyone will read this blog anymore.  I guess that doesn’t really matter.  Things are changing.  My children are turning into men.  I won’t be a widow much longer.  My homeschool journey has come to an end. (The boys will be hopping on a school bus in less than a month after four years of being instructed at home.)  Rather than fight these changes, I’ve decided to flow with them and allow this blog to change too.