A couple of years ago, a friend of mine encouraged me to walk by faith.  She did so by doing it herself.  This woman had a tumour in her body the size of a basketball and doctors were warning her that they thought it might be cancerous.  Rather than get bogged down with anxiety, she sought the Lord.  She left that time with Him sure that He was going to heal her and started right then and there to live by faith as though she already was healed.  When people asked how she was doing she would say, “By His stripes I am healed”. 

Her attitude amazed me and challenged me.  I then asked her that if I believed that God wanted me to be married should I go out and start planning the wedding even though at that point there was no one in my life?  Her reply was, “Absolutely.”

Not long after that conversation, I was in a dollar store and saw these invitations:

I decided I would take a baby step of faith and bought them.  Take a look at how great my faith was.  This is what I payed for them:

Those invites sat on my shelf collecting dust for quite some time but when I editted my stuff to move here, they made the cut and came along.  Take a look at one of those invites now:

O.K. Maybe they won’t be featured in any glamourous bridal mags, but these little pieces of paper mean something to me.  I took a step of faith and God honoured it.  I believed Him for what I thought He was promising me at the time (though I saw no evidence at all that the promise would come true) and He is bringing it to pass.  I will always look at my wedding invitations and be reminded that God is faithful, that He can be trusted and that it’s not foolish to walk by faith.

Here’s another photo that won’t be published in any bridal magazines.  I call this look “Dollar Store Chic”:

I surprised DA with this table set in the “extra room” and prepared a nice meal just for the two of us.  The “flower pot”, ribbon and napkins all came from dollar stores.  The beautiful Gerbera daisy came from the grocery store, the wine glasses from the Goodwill, the white table cloth from the sale section at Walmart and the “name cards” from my scrapbooking scraps.  Those inexpensive extras made for a lovely setting for a romantic dinner.

Oh…and my friend?  She’s healed and gave beautiful testimony of it at a “testimony service” in her church.  She went through a lot, prayed for and encouraged a lot of people while going through it and continues to be a living, walking testimony to the power of God.