There has been illness in the house this week.  That doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve been seeing symptoms for a few weeks now.  They didn’t seem that grave to me and weren’t hampering my life too much so I chose to ignore them as best I could and go on.  That way of being came to a halt last Thursday.

On Thursday, we had an awe-inspiring storm here.  It was the sort of storm that made you stand at the window gaping and occasionally mutter, “Wow”.  This is what it looked like out my front window:

The storm started as a low ominous rumbling and then unleashed its fury in a barrage of rain and hail.  Fortunately, our house sits on high ground.  Take a look at what my neighbour’s front yard looked like after about half an hour of this deluge:

Well, that storm proved to be too much for the sickie in the household.  The computer went from limping along to totally comatose.  I tried in vain to resuscitate it but my meager healing skills proved woefully inadequate for its illness.  Off it went to the pro who told me that she had never seen a computer in such bad shape before.  The modem was fried, the computer was heavily infected with spyware and viruses and the operating system needed a total overhaul.  Ouch!  I got a bit of a talking to on how to care for my computer so that this doesn’t happen again.  All this time, I’ve been abusing this quiet member of the household and not even knowing it!

O.K., enough about that.  On to the wedding stuff.  DA and I have picked out our location and date.  Lord willing, we will be wed on October 4th of this year at the Hayloft in Bayshore Village.  For those of you who don’t know what the Hayloft is, it’s a reconstruction of the original barn that used to be the only building for miles around.  It doesn’t look like a barn anymore, although it’s still quite rustic inside.  DA and I hope to be married in the library of the building and then have our reception upstairs in the party room.  I’m quite happy with this.  The setting is really “us”.  It’s low-key, simple and not very expensive.  DA and I are both “book people” so it seems totally fitting to me that we get married in a room lined with books.

As always, I am thinking of how to decorate for the wedding.  I am hoping to haul a rose arbour into the library to create a focal point for our ceremony.  It may sound funny but it totally goes with the feel of the room.  One whole side is lined with windows and the old-time owners used to bring their houseplants to the room so that someone who remained in the village over the winter would care for them.  Those were the days when there were only summer homes there.

I am still also thinking about decorating the tables for the reception.  We will likely have fruit trays as part of our catered meal so I don’t think I want to go with the idea of putting fruit on platters to decorate.  The chairs in the room are dark dusty rose so I am trying to draw my colour scheme from that.  I am thinking of chocolate brown, cream and dark dusty rose/red as colours that would look great in the party room.  The boys are in day camp this week so I have been going to lots of used stores here and there to see what I can find.  This is what I came up with:

And this is what I have put together so far (keep in mind that I am trying to make this nice AND somewhat rustic AND attempting to make it cost next to nothing AND that I had a hard time finding a bare wall to show these up against):

I’ll see what DA’s reaction to these is.  I’m not sure that I’ve really found the look I’m looking for yet.

On a happier note, DA’s mom and I walked by the first house built in Bayshore Village and admired the amazing gardens there.  DA’s mom got brave, knocked on the front door, explained that her son was getting married in October, introduced the homeowner/gardener extraordinaire to me and asked if it would be possible to take wedding photos in his yard.  The kindly owner gave us his permission and his blessing.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.  This man’s yard will look absolutely stunning in October.  (Apparently, it always looks absolutely stunning.  This guy lives to garden).  Can’t wait to share some wedding photos with you all.  Stay tuned…