What happens when a bag of milk leaks into your refrigerator fruit drawer when you are thinking about planning a wedding on less than the average $30,000?  Well, if you’re me, you start to see fruit in a whole new way.  I washed the milk off of my plums and pears and couldn’t help but notice how pretty they are.  That led to this:

I took a shiny “silver” plate off my bathroom wall, covered it with some greenery snipped from out back and plunked the pears and plums on top.  I then put the whole creation on some white paper towels and sat and looked at it like someone sitting at a table with a centerpiece like this on it.  I was kind of impressed with myself.  Take a look at this shot of my main-level bathroom wall:

I have lots of shiny “silver” plates.  Maybe I could “undress” my bathroom and use seasonal fruit and backyard clippings to make some thrifty wedding centerpieces.  Maybe I should be more thankful for that spilt milk too.