The first time I came to visit DA, he introduced me to his church.  I had heard a lot about it from him on the phone and was thrilled to find that it was as great as he had described it.  Right from the get-go I could see the boys and I getting involved in this church.

That was months ago and I have never regretted my decision.  This church has a heart for the unchurched.  It desires to reach people in our community that haven’t grown up with the Word of God.  Its goal is to invest in people and therefore the church has not purchased land or started a building program.  We meet in a movie theatre.  This is a venue that is easy to find for people from the community and for most doesn’t hold the negative stigma associated with church buildings.  People come because they are curious.  It takes a lot of volunteers each Sunday to transform the building from a movie theatre to inviting environments that people can meet God in.  I have enjoyed volunteering.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know the people who are working to make this church what it is: a church for the unchurched.

Early on, I decided to get involved in a community group – a small collection of people that get together regularly to discuss the Sunday ministry, study the Bible, pray for, support and encourage one another, serve the disadvantged in our area and “do life” together in an effort to grow in Christ.  I have gotten to know quite well the pastor that heads up our little motley crew and have asked him to marry DA and I.  He has agreed.  Now all we need is a wedding venue.

There are many, many adorable, little, country churches around here that DA and I would love to rent for our wedding.  The trouble is that you can’t rent these buildings, or at least not easily.  To get the building, you have to use the denominational leader attached to the building and do things the way the denomination wants them done.  Most of the historic, quaint churches that interest us are of older denominational affiliations.  They have rules and regulations set in stone that are like the laws of the Medes and the Persians.  I understand that but am still disappointed by it.  So is DA.  He loves old buildings with history to them and would like nothing better than to get married in one.  Alas, it seems that we will have to broaden our view of viable venues for this wedding.

Today we looked at a barn as a possibility.  That’s not a typo.  DA’s brother knows someone who runs a B&B that has an ancient barn on his property.  His own children wanted to be married in the barn so they spruced it up and had some weddings there.  The children’s friends liked the idea and some of them inquired about using the barn for their weddings.  The idea spread and now this family has a second source of income renting out this barn for special occasions.  DA was not so sold on the idea.  The barn is very, very rustic and I’m not sure how I would set it up for a wedding. 

Tomorrow, we drive further out to visit DA’s cousin who is visiting from BC.  There is an octagonal church out there that is apparently owned and operated by the cottagers in the area.  I have seen a picture of it on the internet and totally love it.   I am hoping that it will be possible to rent it, use our own pastor and have a Christian wedding there to the glory of God. 

This whole search has been harder than I anticipated.  I guess anything worth doing takes some doing!  If tomorrow’s idea doesn’t pan out, I just may put a want ad in the paper!