I am blessed to be a part of a church community group.  We get together regularly to open up the Word of God, pray, discuss, support each other and serve those less fortunate than ourselves.  Occasionally, we just get together for the fun of it because we have come to enjoy one another’s company.

This weekend we gave blood together.  The following pictures may look like we are doing otherwise but that’s only because they were snapped in between spraying ourselves with bug spray and getting eaten alive anyways.  When we weren’t slapping and scratching  and saving the environment as we know it by helping mosquitos breed we managed to squeeze in some fun.

D and P started the weekend off fishing with a couple of buds.

Here we are enjoying the pedal boat and the tube.  It was my first time tubing but I hope it won’t be my last.  Our hosts took us for a wild ride all over the lake that had us screaming and at times hanging on for dear life!  We also had a canoe at our disposal and did make use of it.  I just didn’t have my camera handy to photo document it.  Silly me!

The fun didn’t stop when we had a sudden downour.  A bunch of us ran for cover and got a game of “Cheat” going.  Oh happy day – neither of my boys turned out to be the best cheater!

We’re an active and creative group.  We played three games of volleyball with costumes.  It was Tim’s Mighty Warriors vs. Rich’s Dancing Princesses.  I was on the Dancing Princesses team.  We waltzed all over those trash-talking Warriors winning two out of three of the games.  We even managed to do it in style sporting pink and purple tiaras while bumping and smashing our way to victory.

The surprise for the weekend was a trip to a nearby camp where we were challenged to take “the Plunge”.  P stepped up to be the first one to go down and encouraged the rest of us to give it a try.  Lots of fun!

We also did some spiritual things.  We are a Spirit-filled group after all.  One of the group members brought out his guitar and we worshipped the Creator in the midst of His creation and gave voice to the things we were thankful for and shared how the Lord was speaking to us.  We ended the time in prayer knowing that God had brought this group together and that He was doing good things in our midst.  We weren’t there just to help the mosquito population survive.  We were there in His will to be built up together for His purposes.  I am blessed to be part of this group.