In all the excitement of finding a wedding dress I forgot to blog about a very special gift presented to me by my future mother-in-law.  She passed down to me this beautiful charm bracelet that was given to her over 30 years ago when she first became a Christian.  It only has one charm on it but that charm is full of significance.  In the accompanying note, my in-laws wished DA and I that we would be “blessed by the blood of the new covenant, the sword of God’s Word and the riches of His grace”.  Inside the tiny treasure chest is a sword, a cup and coins – all symbols of what they were wishing us.  My mother-in-law never added to the bracelet because she felt that one charm summed up everything.  I agree.  I will look at this gift often, think on its symbolism and treasure it until, Lord willing, I can one day pass it down to a future daughter-in-law to welcome her to the family.