Orillia has only one bridal shop called “Just the Right Cost Bridal & Formal Wear”.  With a name like that, I just had to check it out.  I tried on a few dresses yesterday very hurriedly as the boys were waiting for me in the van.  I asked DA’s mom (my soon to be mother-in-law) to come along with me today for her advice.  We both liked this beautiful dress.  It doesn’t look like much hanging on my living room wall but it’s quite flattering on me.  It needs to be made shorter and could use some minor alterations but I’m amazed that I found something so lovely with so little looking.  (Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m hoping you’ll work your magic to make it fit me just right.)  I’m really starting to feel like a bride-to-be.   Expect a lot more wedding talk on this blog over the next few months!