An engaging title like that just begs one to move past the assortment of photos and get to the story.  The story is that my sweetie (pictured above) took me for a sunset dinner cruise aboard the historic Segwun tonight.  The Segwun is North America’s oldest passenger steam ship and it sails through the beautiful area called Muskoka.  My man and I share a love for history and nature so he could not have picked a more lovely setting for such an historic event in both of our lives.

The proposal was made very simply as we sat on deck enjoying the breeze on our faces and the setting sun as a backdrop to some amazing cottage country.  The ring turned out differently than we planned but we both agreed that maybe it was better than we planned.  The engagement ring is gorgeous alone but will look even more stunning when paired with the wedding band.  I’m not sure if anyone else on board clued in that something as significant as an engagement happened.  I wasn’t paying attention to anyone else.  My eyes darted between my sweet loving man and the beautiful ring he had just slipped on my finger. 

How do you end a blog entry like this?  I think I will just say that this story is to be continued.