D, P and a couple of neighbourhood boys found a turtle on the road today.  P came rushing back to the house to report their finding.  We have a turtle crossing sign not far from where we live and the boys know that I like to walk down there in the hopes of actually seeing a turtle cross the road.  All the boys were pretty excited about this little turtle and were fascinated to watch him cautiously pull his head and limbs in and out of his shell.  I advised them to pick the turtle up and move him off of the road.  They gladly obliged and found it pretty funny when the turtle went running as soon as they put him on grass.  He scuttled off into the ditch and then sat there doing nothing, probably hoping that all of us admirers would lose interest and leave him alone.  His method worked.  It was a short visit with a local but one that we all enjoyed very much.  Hopefully, he’ll cross our road again and even bring some of his buds with him. 

This is my second blog today and the day is only half over.  Never a dull moment around here!